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PINKO, "You & You"


PINKO is a three-piece band from San Antonio, TX who have been playing out since 2015. Since that time they have released a self-titled EP, as well as three different splits. This is their debut full length, which was recorded in 2019 while vocalist/guitarist Guillermo Mendez bounced from various cities for work back to Texas where the band wrote in spurts and played out regularly.
PINKO have tightened up their sound since beginning, but always maintained a chaotic, noisy, and wild presence.
“A few of our influences are Drive Like Jehu, Unwound, and Brainiac. I’d say the original intent was always to play loud angular noisy stuff, with ghosts of hooks coming out once in a while. We weren’t sure if people would like it so we just settled on playing and seeing what panned out”, says Mendez. Add to that a healthy dose of Fugazi-ish vocals and a deafening live sound PINKO certainly have created noise worth checking out.
Pressing info:
100- hand pour purple/black swirl in purple polybag (SOLD OUT)
100- solid yellow in yellow polybag (SOLD OUT)
100- solid red in red polybag
200- solid blue in blue polybag (SECOND PRESSING)
CD- comes in digipack with re-sealable sleeve

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