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GODSTOPPER, "Who Tries Anymore" 12" + "Lie Down" CD

Image of GODSTOPPER, "Who Tries Anymore" 12" + "Lie Down" CD

$15.00 - On Sale

Godstopper is the project of songwriter Mike Simpson, who has members back him live and occasionally in the studio as well. Their heavy-handed approach brings to mind everything from The Melvins to Cave-In, Mare, on up to Torche.
"Lie Down" was their 2015 full length that was only available as a digital release up until now. It shows the band precariously striding the line between their heaviest, sludge-ridden nastiest and showing off the catchy hooks and melodic singing that has been hiding just beneath the surface. Their 2014 EP "The Children Are the Future" is added as bonus tracks, where the dirt and grime is a little more obvious.
On "Who Tries Anymore" primary writer/band leader Mike Simpson has crafted songs that play strong on the pop melodies that were only hinted at on previous releases, pushing them to the forefront all the while doing so with downtuned, crushing riffs to go with it. There's 5 songs on this EP and all sorts of crazy catchy and tuneful heaviness is going on.
Comes on clear purple or grey vinyl with a download included (state your preference in your order)